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Port of Zadar Authority
Gaženička cesta 28 A
Zadar 23000
tel: 385 23 201 201
fax: 385 23 201 212
Port of Zadar Authority

Port of Zadar Authority was established to manage, develop and use the port of Zadar, as a port open for international public transport which due to its size and importance was nominated a port of special international and economic interest for the Republic of Croatia.  Port of Zadar Authority has been established by a Decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on February 18, 1997.

Based on the Maritime Domain and Seaports Act, the Port Authority undertakes the following activities:

1. Taking care of building, maintaining, managing, protecting and improving the maritime domain representing the port area,
2. Building and maintaining the port infrastructures, financed by the founder’s budget
3. Expert surveillance of the construction, maintaining, managing and protection of the port area (port infrastructure and superstructure)
4. Ensuring permanent and undisturbed port traffic, technical and technological integrity and safety of navigation
5. Providing for the services of general interest or services for which there is no economic interest of other business subjects
6. Coordinating and supervising the operations of the concessionaires that perform economic activities in port area
7. Making of decisions as regards the establishment and management of free zones inside the port area in accordance with regulations governing free zones,
8. Other activities established by the law.

Port of Zadar Authority governs:

1. port Zadar – passenger port
2. port Gaženica – passenger port
3. port Gaženica – cargo port
4. port Vela Lamjana – fishing port

Port of Zadar Authority grants concessions for port activities based on the prescribed technical and technological conditions and the public procurement procedure.

Basic port services:

1. loading, unloading, transhipping, storage, processing of goods,
2.mooring and unmooring of ships,
3.cleaning of the port,
4.embarking and disembarking of passengers and vehicles
5.other services in the port for which the concessions are granted, such as providing water, power and phone services, providing services to passengers and ships, servicing the port machinery, agency and freight forwarding activities, goods quality and quantity control and other services

Aerial 360o photographs of Zadar old town port (Poluotok)

Aerial 360o photographs of New Port Gaženica

City port map

New port Gaženica map

Web-Cams at Passenger Port Gaženica

Dear customers, passengers.
In cooperation with the Croatian auto-club (HAK) we are able to give you an insight into the real traffic situation inside of the area of the passenger port Gaženica.

Camera 1 shows the traffic situation on the passenger port entrance (entrance from the city, arterial road and entrance from the fast road leading from the highway).

Camera 2 shows the traffic situation toward the embarkation piers.

Camera 3 shows the traffic situation on the port exit and piers for the local ferry lines.

Web kamera

Web camera 3

(for better resolution click on the picture)


360o aerial photographs of the new passenger port Gaženica.


competitions for:
concessions etc.


MEDNET is a European project, co-financed by the MED Programme, aimed at simplifying and harmonizing maritime and port procedures within the Mediterranean region.